AMRC-ORN (Prelim.)

Based on NVIDIA Orin NX System on Module Robot Controller
EverFocus Sync Controller, based on TSMC synchronization technology, aims to achieve the time sync, time trigger, and time stamping feature for outdoor robot application. Integrated with NVIDIA high-performing AI processor, AMRC-ORN provides a multi-channel PPS and time data output for robot sensor to improve sensor fusion accuracy.

  • Base on NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX 8G/16G DDR SOM module
  • Provide M.2 M key 2280 slot with PCIe Gen3 x4 signal
  • M12 X-coded Gigabit Ethernet port x 3
  • CAN FD interface with isolation feature x 2
  • Provide 7-channel Time sync output for external sensor
  • GMSL2 camera FAKRA Z code interface with frame sync x 4
  • HMTD Base-T1 Ethernet port for solid states 3D LiDAR x 4/8,Radar, and camera