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AMRE-TSMC (Prelim.)

Multichannel Synchronized With INS and GNSS
EverFocus TSMC series, or the Sync, enables based on the FPGA SOC platform to achieve the time sync, time trigger, and time stamping feature for outdoor robot applications. AMRE-TSMC supports GMSL2/FPDLINK camera time stamping and trigger capability, dual GNSS antenna, RTK rover, time keeping technology. Integrated with GNSS and Xsens 9-axis IMU, EverFocus TSMC series provides pitch, roll, and yaw with a time stamp to robots. 

  • Base on High speed VHDL to process the time synchronization
  • Output 7-Channels PPS and ToD signal
  • Integrated u-blox high precision GNSS module
  • Xsens Mti-670 9-axis IMU with fusion engine
  • Syncbotic python setting, monitor, and demo script
  • 16hrs time keeping feature when power down
  • Keep time data when moving to indoor area
  • Friendly register setting for output PPS and ToD data
  • Provide I2C interface to update ECU/Controller time information
  • 0.2 deg roll/pitch and cm-level position accuracy
  • Support all robot platforms and easily install this card
  • Wide operation temperature up to -40°C to 75°C
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