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AIoT Solutions

For more than 20 years, EverFocus has been an experienced leader in edge computing & AV over IP solutions.
EverFocus joined the Intel® Partner Alliance in 2020 as a Gold Level Solution Provider. The new EverFocus eIVP series of smart security industrial computer products can be used as a vehicle-mounted network video recorder (NVR) device. The series used Intel® Movidius™ AI core module, which can detect suspicious persons or vehicles entering and exiting. It can be equipped with AI technology developed by the client or EverFocus to protect the vehicle through 4G remote tracking. The smart surveillance system can be installed in commercial fleet vehicles to prevent theft incidents; in public transport fleets, it can maintain the safety of passengers by providing real-time monitoring pictures and confirmation of road traffic conditions.
Another hot-selling flagship of EverFocus-the eNVP series has the advantages of strong compatibility and high CP value, which can enhance the maximum AI performance of NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™. This series of all-in-one complete solutions can provide remote CMS, NVR software and mobile APP for various applications. BSP (Development Board Support Package Software) can help developers easily create the required GPIO functions through our files. In addition, our carrier board provides and authorizes the SDK (software development kit) that is very popular among developers, and there is no need to pay any additional fees.

* EverFocus joined NVIDIA® Preferred Partner in 2020

  • Edge Computer

    The smart surveillance system also can be installed in fleet vehicles to prevent freight or equipment theft and can be used in mass transit fleets to ensure the safety of passengers by providing real-time surveillance footage and access to traffic and road conditions.

  • Capture Card

    HDMI and 12G SDI M.2 4K video capture cards provide various vertical solution application features, which can be installed on the Intel, Nvidia, and ARM platforms for high-resolution video capturing.

  • IoT Software

    EverFocus edge computer software provides various vertical solution application features, which can install on most x86 platform for transportation, education, surveillance, retail and medical health care.

  • Intelligent Connectivity

    Intelligent connectivity introduces combinations of high-speed, low-latency cellular (5G) networks, edge artificial intelligence (AI), and the links of numerous devices across networks through the Internet of Things (IoT). It refines and redefines communications in various machine-to-machine (M2M) and human-machine interactions. Not only simplifies device deployment, but also maximizes stability and productivity in your production sites.

    Optimize your manufacturing efficiency. EverFocus connectivity solution is seriously affordable and easy to deploy, combining performance either in throughput and latency or in power consumption. Even in the harsh and most demanding environments, field connectivity products from EverFocus will find a way to keep your devices connected.

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