Product | EverFocus Presents eNVP-JNX-UBCP, a High-Performance AI Image Capture and Analysis Box

eNVP-JNX-UBCP, EverFocus NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX AI Box with HDMI Capture Card

Taipei, Taiwan, Oct 3th – EverFocus, a prominent provider of intelligent transportation solutions, proudly presents eNVP-JNX-UBCP. a fanless embedded AI system powered by the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX system-on-module. eNVP-JNX-UBCP is an ideal edge AI node for a diverse set of NVIDIA Metropolis AI-powered computer vision applications. Here's why. 

Compact & powerful AI box in extreme environments
Designed for applications such as object, person, and vehicle detection solutions, eNVP-JNX-UBCP seamlessly integrates the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX, ensuring extended durability and longevity, even in challenging environments. To fortify its resilience, the system offers an operating temperature range of -20°C to 50°C, along with enhanced shock and vibration resistance.

The eNVP-JNX-UBCP also supports HDMI output and input
Equipped with a comprehensive range of interfaces, eNVP-JNX-UBCP is tailored to meet specific deployment needs. These interfaces include HDMI input (input up to 4K2KP60), HDMI output, all complemented by ample 8GB 64-bit LPDDR4 system memory. Additionally, the system boasts four USB ports, two GbE LAN connections, GPIO, series port, and CANBus.

eNVP-JNX-UBCP, EverFocus NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX AI Box Application Diagram

Applications in Smart Transportation
Operating as an edge artificial intelligence solution, the eNVP-JNX-UBCP excels in tasks such as traffic control, traffic flow calculation, parking  management, and vehicle recognition.

For more information
EverFocus is also releasing an NVIDIA Jetson Orin-based solution in this product category. View the current lineup of EverFocus AI edge computers & in-vehicle systems based on NVIDIA Jetson platforms.

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