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Taipei, Taiwan, October 28, 2022 - EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TWSE: 5484), the leading provider of edge AI solutions for smart city and transportation, is honored to announce that our SMARTER AI MIRROR wins the 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award! We are running into another huge milestone on the international stage!
The built-in Neural-network Processing Unit (NPU) of Smarter AI Mirror is an application of bionic technology, which can apply the principle of biological characteristics to artificial products, and directly complete high-speed computing, enabling to have greatly improved computing efficiency. In addition, AI object recognition is mainly applied to Video Streaming to perform three recognition models: object detection, body recognition, and object cutting. Video Streaming is composed of continuous image frames and identifies all image frames through AI object recognition and the neural network processor (NPU).

Then, the image signal with Blind Spot Detection (BSD) operation marking the bounding box is transmitted to the driver assistance system (ADAS) processor for optical flow detection to detect the moving speed of at least one moving object and direction, wherein the neural network processor (NPU) and the driver assistance system (ADAS) processor use a universal asynchronous transceiver (UART) for transmission, and the above optical flow detection uses optical flow The optical flow technique is used for calculation to calculate the time change of the pixel point of at least one moving object in the image signal with blind spot detection.

The Smarter AI Mirror can alert the driver with voice and visual warnings when the BSD camera identifies a pedestrian or cyclist in the vehicle's blind spot. The AI recognition and optical flow detection will detect the moving speed and direction of at least one moving object, and then output to the vehicle rearview mirror to display and provide the driver with the vehicle through the vehicle rearview mirror. With the audible alarm or visual warning, it can warn and remind the driver, thereby complementing the general rearview mirror for the blind spots and improving the driving safety. At the same time, it has passed CE/FCC/EN50155 safety standards to ensure the safety of customers using products.

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