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EverFocus Launches the Latest Intel Atom® In-Vehicle System Apt for V2X Scalability: eIVP-EHL-IV-V0000

EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TWSE: 5484), the leading provider of edge AI solutions in smart city and transportation, officially announces a release for eIVP-EHL-IV-V0000, the latest in-vehicle system based on the Intel Atom® x6000E Series processors, Elkhart Lake. Featuring its fanless design, wide temperature (-40°C~60°C), and wide voltage (DC 9~36V) with ignition control, eIVP-EHL-IV-V0000 can withstand harsh environments for real-time edge computing on trucks and buses during the move. Designed with CAN bus, microcontroller unit (MCU), abundant I/O ports and peripherals for expandability, eIVP-EHL-IV-V0000 can meet the demands of various transportation applications. With multiple in-car functions performed under AIoT edge device management, eIVP-EHL-IV-V0000 takes you a step further to the possibility of vehicle to everything (V2X).
Smart e-Signage on the Go
As the technology changes the way information comes in, modern consumers’ attention should also be compelled in various directions at once. With this trend, ad providers must also change how they engage their target audience to stay competitive. Other than a jump to the social media bandwagon, there also comes another rise on the smart e-signage, which is expected to increase to over USD 31,000 million by 2025. Priding itself to be an expert system integrator, EverFocus hereby proposes a mobile e-signage solution with its newly released product, eIVP-EHL-IV-V0000. Compact in the size of 186.5 x 177.8 x 54.9 mm, eIVP-EHL-IV-V0000 can be easily deployed with window panels in vehicles as a digital signage player. This vehicle e-signage solution not only meets the daily needs of e-bulletin boards like relevant boarding precautions or weather forecast. When passengers are loaded, the bespoke advertisements can be customized and displayed after data collection and edge computing via eIVP-EHL-IV-V0000. When no passengers are loaded, digital advertisements can be played from time to time, which can lead to an extra income for the commercial drivers.
Mobile e-Signage Deployed in an AIoT Context
Under the development of AIoT technology, connection and engagement have become two of the biggest fundamentals in realizing a smart city. Embedded with HDMI/DP ports and an Intel® UHD graphics chip, eIVP-EHL-IV-V0000 can drive up to three(3) simultaneous video displays at 4kp60 resolution to make engaging commercials. eIVP-EHL-IV-V0000 can also easily realize smart e-signage via remote device management and software updates under the I/O design of 5G-ready network. Upon the crash of video footages or operating systems in the vehicles, eIVP-EHL-IV-V0000 is also capable of providing an alternate access to administer connected devices without using the LAN. With the hardware durability, eIVP-EHL-IV- V0000 makes a critical element to the smart e-signage during the move.
Brand Awareness Boosted via Mobile e-Signage
As online marketing becomes oversaturated these days, enterprises put in more offline efforts for brand visibility. Now that digital signage is evidenced to be remarkably effective, it is also time to carry this solution to the road. Not just featuring wide temperature (-40°C~60°C) and wide voltage (DC 9~36V) for transportation needs, eIVP-EHL-IV-V0000 is also designed with abundant I/O ports for flexible mobile e-signage deployment, including six(6) USB, and eight(8) DIO, and three(3) Serial COM ports of RS232/422/485. Extending from a fixed location to the road, this mobile e-signage solution effectively increases brand exposure to not only the surrounding pedestrians but also the in-vehicle passengers. When a time-limited event is held, this mobile e-signage solution can help spread this information via buses or public transportation. With this solution deployed under its 5G-ready hardware design, eIVP-EHL-IV-V0000 can help maximize marketing efforts and branding awareness for the enterprises.

Internet of Vehicles for V2X Scalability
Not just limited to this mobile e-signage solution, with scalable I/O design, eNVP-EHL-IV-V0000 can also be deployed together with multiple sensors to collect and exchange data over the network according to agreed standards. With eNVP-EHL-IV-V0000s deployed in series and the exercise of Intel’s edge computing platforms, it is foreseeable to integrate each vehicle and build an internet of vehicles that connects among infrastructure, pedestrians, and even everything to establish a tripartite community. Through the back-end cloud/server storage and the application of AI-related technologies, eNVP-EHL-IV-V0000 helps to facilitate the real-time data transmission and processing, aiming to achieve a smarter V2X future and a better community.

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