EverFocus has Launched the New Powerful Al Image Analysis 5MP Camera Series

Taipei, Taiwan, July 22, 2022 –EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TPE: 5484), the leading provider of smart surveillance and smart transportation solutions, is excited to announce a new series of full-color network cameras that achieve 24/7 full-color imaging and are fully complied with NDAA standards. Moreover, being made in Taiwan, EBN3540-NV, EZN3550-NV, and EZN3540-NV have passed NDAA standards.

EBN3540-NV (MIT) (2)

The built-in high-performance Novatech chip(MIT) enables the 5MP network camera to extend powerful image encoding capability up to 30fps at 2880x1620 viewing resolution. In terms of the advantages, the EverFocus Smart cameras are capable of conducting deep AI learning, which can increase accuracy in people detection. Besides, they support ultra-high-definition day/night color images. Moreover, with higher image quality and resolution, the full-color cameras can be applied to a wide range of scenes, which require clear and high resolution, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, factories, parking spaces, condos, campus, and banks.

5MP Smart Camera Intelligent Application

EverFocus has been rooted in the security industry for 26 years. Our 5MP Smart camera can implement Rare Sound Detection, Vehicle Detection, Line Crossing Detection, Crowd Density Detection, and Face Detection. As high-performance cameras, EBN3540-NV, EZN3550-NV, and EZN3540-NV can implement customer repeat rate calculation, and license plate recognition in shopping malls and certain indoor/outdoor areas such as parking lots and particular counters; thus they can clearly calculate the data then transfer to the central control center through the cloud.
As a result, the managers and the analysts are able to plan the greatest VIP programs for enhancing the rate of repeat shopping. Furthermore, EverFocus AI network cameras, such as EZN3540-NV, EBN3540-NV, and EZN3550-NV can develop the AI function of “rare sounds” which means they can detect one or more rare sounds in the area such as gun shooting, baby crying, or dog barking to keep our live environment safety.


The 5MP AI image analysis Camera Series can transfer through the cloud to PC and monitoring control center. Besides, they can be connected to EverFocus-designed industrial PC (eIVP and eNVP series), providing high resolution quality video input source. EverFocus eIVP (Intel® video platform) and eNVP (NVIDIA® video platform) support basic industrial functions, including real-time live view, video recording, video playback, and alarm notification. it is easy to set up areas that you care about monitor.
The Best Choice Smarter Camera

Compared to the conventional cameras, EverFocus 5MP Smart cameras provide day/night full-color HD images. When the cameras detect human motion at night, it will set up white light or IR for the object. This camera is equipped with a weather-resistance (IP67) housing and True Day/Night functionality with automatic IR filter operation that allows extending IR range up to 35M / 144ft.
While monitoring large areas such as shopping malls, and public areas of campus, this camera allows you to both monitor the overall area and/or focus on suspicious activities. This gives you a more flexible and functional surveillance system, especially when combining with fixed network cameras that track room entrances and exits but cannot monitor large areas. If you are looking for a comprehensive view of a medium open area while having the ability to focus and zoom in for details at the same time, or you want to provide your client with valuable high-security. Then the EBN3540-NV, EZN3540-NV, and EZN3550-NV (PTZ ) AI network cameras are the perfect choices for you.
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About EverFocus Electronics Corporation
EverFocus provides diversified surveillance solutions from front-end cameras and edge devices like industrial PC and back-end servers. The device coverage includes IP, CCTV, vehicle, and access control systems. EverFocus has offices globally, including in the U.S.A, China, Japan, and Taiwan. For more information please visit:

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