Product | EverFocus Innovates AHD Outdoor Bullet Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera with IR Night Vision Capability, Designed for monitoring large and open areas to ensure safety with ease

EverFocus Innovates AHD Outdoor Bullet Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera with IR Night Vision Capability

Designed for monitoring large and open areas to ensure safety with ease
Taipei, Taiwan, September 30, 2021 – EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TWSE: 5484), the leading provider of smart surveillance and smart transportation solutions; launched a Bullet PTZ model, the Outdoor Bullet PTZ – EZA6210, equipped with 2MP Progressive scan CMOS Sensor and an agile 5.1mm-51mm motorized lens that supports Pan, Tilt, 10x Optical Zoom functions. This flexibility makes it a great option for monitoring, security protection and bringing safety effectively to diverse open areas.



                                          2-Megapixel IR Night Vision,
                                          Outdoor Bullet PTZ Camera         


A Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera is camera capable of remote directional and zoom control. An innovation to the PTZ camera is a built-in firmware program that monitors the change of pixels generated by the video clip in the camera. When the pixels change due to movement within the camera’s field of view, the camera can actually focus on the pixel variation and move the camera to try and center the pixel fluctuation on the video chip. This process results in the camera following that movement. The program allows the camera to estimate the size of the object which is moving and distance of the movement from the camera. With this estimate, the camera can adjust the cameras optical lens in and out in an attempt to stabilize the size of pixel fluctuation as a percentage of total viewing area. Once the movement exits the cameras field of view, the camera automatically returns to a pre-programmed position until it senses motion and the process starts over again.

EverFocus’s EZA6210 Bullet PTZ Camera will save you from buying more cameras than needed. The compact designed camera can rotate 200 degrees horizontally, and tilt with 85 degrees of rotation making this a perfect solution for medium open areas by providing an unobstructed monitoring experience. This Bullet PTZ Camera captures high quality images even in poorly lit environments. The embedded CMOS chip makes possible beautiful real-time 1920 x 1080 resolution images. This camera is equipped with a weather-resistance (IP66) housing and True Day/Night functionality with automatic IR filter operation that allows extending IR range up to 100M / 196’. Up to 16 Guard points and up 3 Guard tour groups can be stored, making it efficient to use the PTZ rotation design making it easy to set up areas that you care about to monitor. This Bullet PTZ Camera supports UTC & RS-485 communication so it is able to integrate with many systems.
While monitoring large areas such as parking lots, common areas in school and business campuses, this camera allows you to both monitor the overall area and / or focus on suspicious activities. This gives you a more flexible and functional surveillance system, especially when combined with fixed network cameras that track room entrances and exits but cannot monitor large areas. EZA6210 enables the PTZ camera to move around as needed while fixed cameras ensure important locations are always monitored. If you are looking for a comprehensive view of a medium open area while having the ability to focus and zoom in for details at the same time, then the EZA6210 Bullet PTZ Camera is the perfect choice for you. 

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EZA6210 | 2Megapixel IR Night Vision Outdoor Bullet PTZ Camera

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