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 EverFocus Announces 8 Megapixel AI Network Cameras
8MP super-resolution imaging, fantastic AI function ready, and fully NDAA-Compliant
Taipei, Taiwan, August 31, 2021 – EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TPE: 5484), the leading provider of smart surveillance and smart transportation solutions, is proud to announce the most up-to-date non-HiSilicon network cameras which fully complies with NDAA standards – EBN2840-SG 8MP Ball Network Camera and EZN2840-SG 8MP Bullet Network Camera. The built-in high-performance chipset enables the 8MP network camera to extend powerful image encoding capability up to 30fps at 3840x2160 viewing resolution, supporting dual stream using H.264 and H.265 image compression. Cameras are equipped with weather-resistance (IP66) housing plus true day/night functionality with automatic IR filter operation which enables night visibility up to 30 meters/98 feet and meets a wide variety of needs for outdoor surveillance.

EBN2840-SG and EZN2840-SG feature a 3.6mm fixed lens and a 8-Megapixel progressive scan CMOS sensor, the new network cameras unfold high sensitivity which enables them to perform clear color display with less image noise in most surveillance environments; meanwhile, the WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) functionality enables the camera to provide crystal clear images even under back light situations where intensity of illumination can vary excessively. Besides 12VDC power supply, the network cameras also support Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3af supplying power to the camera via network for easy installation with only one cable, eliminating the need for power cables and reducing installation costs.
Owing to the substantial progress in network technology and system integration technique, these traditional surveillance cameras are capable of being evolved to internet cameras promptly. With the emergence of application of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, internet cameras are intensified to unfold the abilities of comprehensive monitoring and accurate prevention through the use of Artificial Intelligence. Likewise, EverFocus’ EBN2840-SG and EZN2840-SG network cameras no longer passively offer image transmission or storage only, instead, they are equipped with an amazing brain, which allows the system to quickly analyze the situations collected from internet, estimate in-time and act accurately to meet the demands of safety, far better and swifter than the work done by humans alone. Furthermore, the smart features of the network cameras including Motion Detection, Pedestrian & Vehicle Detection, Face Detection, Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Line Crossing Detection, Goods Lost Legacy, Cross counting, Heat Map, are well suited for security protection in diverse fields such as smart transportation, smart building, campus, shopping mall, station, factory and various outdoor environments.

Additionally, the AI network cameras also support 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) functionality, which is better at removing the grainy appearance that low-light video tends to take on and is far better for videos with lots of motion. It does not create motion blur in the images and moving objects do not leave motion trails behind them. The new network cameras conform to ONVIF for compatibility with other network video devices, even from other manufacturers. Also, you can use EverFocus Mobile Applications to remotely view the live views of the cameras through your handheld devices, or use the EverFocus CMS (Central Management Software) to remotely view multiple IP devices connected with an NVR (Network Video Recorder).
EBN2840-SG and EZN2840-SG AI network cameras can be connected with the newly EverFocus-designed industrial NVRs (eIVP and eNVP series), providing high resolution quality video input source. EverFocus eIVP (EverFocus Intel® video platform) and eNVP (EverFocus NVIDIA® video platform) support basic NVR functions which includes real-time live view, video recording, video playback, alarm notification and etc. NVR AI functions such as driver fatigue and distraction monitoring, pedestrian and vehicle detection, crowd detection and people counting can be performed using the AiO NVR software included in the industrial NVRs.

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  • EBN2840-SG (NDAA) | 8-Megapixel IR & WDR, Outdoor Ball Network Camera
  • EZN2840-SG (NDAA) | 8-Megapixel IR & WDR, Outdoor Bullet Network Camera
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