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Enjoy Peace of Mind During Trips

EverFocus launches age-changing NDAA compliant Mobile DVR
▲ New generation of made-in-Taiwan (MIT) and NDAA compliant mobile DVR- EMV400FHD-N
Taipei, Taiwan (October 22, 2021) EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TWSE: 5484), the leading provider of smart surveillance and smart transportation solutions, launched a new generation mobile DVR (mDVR): EMV400FHD-N made in Taiwan and NDAA compliant.
This Made-in-Taiwan (MIT) mobile series as the first NDAA compliant mobile DVR, successfully pushed mobile recording devices into a new era: Based on H.264/H.265 video compression rate technology, advanced loop for video recording and a higher image transmission rate through internet which ensures the completeness of detail in each scene.
EMV400FHD-N stably captures image resolution rates up to 1080p; thanks to the adoption of M12 aviation port, it supports simultaneously up to 8 channels in AHD/ TVI/ CVI/ CVBS cameras. Coupled with the embedded 3-axis G-sensor, the excellent recording outcome from this mDVR is widely applied in various types of vehicles.
Moreover, the MIT EMV mobile series supports multiple port form factors, for example: up to 3 ports for USB, RS-485, RS-232, RJ-45 video/audio input & output, GPS or 3G/4G Wifi antenna. In other words, they provide wide flexibility of functionalities according to the users’ needs. EverFocus added these ports to simplify the complex and redundant installation process.
EMV400FHD-N supports one 2.5” SSD (max 2TB) for storage; users can also add an optional SD card to serve as alert data backup. At the same time, it runs smoothly with wide voltage range (9-36V), it can also co-work with a voltage regulator for delayed boot/shutdown. This configuration, on one hand, is designed to protect the device from damages caused by voltage surge while starting the car; on the other hand, delay shutdown is to extend the recording time length for assuring the completeness of the video record and to keep balance of power consumption, preventing unnecessary energy waste for vehicles and their batteries.
The MIT EMV mobile series’ 2 built-in heaters help with maintaining the best operating temperature in the device even under wide temperature range (-40 °C to 55 °C ). This assures recording smoothness process under many environments.
Besides obtaining certifications like SAE-J1455, EN50155, CE and FCC, the EMV400FHD-N is armored with anti-vibration housing which allows outstanding video recording during driving.
To maximize the value of the EMV400FHD-N, EverFocus recommends our total mobile solution which is composed of the mDVR and 1080p FHD mobile cameras (EMW912F and EMW935F) for the front-side and back-side of the vehicle. Users can benefit by using EverFocus’ mobile application, our MobileFocus app (available for iOS and Android), for remote recording, play-back and data backup. For fleet management optimization, EverFocus Xfleet is absolutely the it-option for real-time GPS, video, route tracking and operational management. Remote audio recording is available when needed by adding microphones to the mDVR; video and audio playback is available by using EverFocus EF-Reader. Users can store the audio and video data in the SSD disk or SD card in the MIT EMV mobile series in order to keep a comprehensive video and audio record of the entire in-vehicle scenes and reaches a safer driving environment.

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EMV400FHD-N | 4 Channels 1080p Full HD Mobile DVR

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