• 1.Forget DVR/NVR Password?

    If you forget password, email to [email protected] with the Model Name, Serial Number, MAC Address, and the Date that is displaying on the connected monitor. For further detail, please refer to the following article: Forget Password?
  • 2.3rd-Party Camera Compatibility Issue

    Our NVR/DVR supports ONVIF 2.0 IP cameras. Please refer to if you plan to integrate 3rd-party cameras with our systems. While there are other factors (resolution, firmware/ONVIF version) that affects compatibility, please email to [email protected] for any discussion.
  • 3.WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

    WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) is used for capturing images of objects surrounded by a strong backlight, while still keeping the background visible. A typical use is capturing scenes indoors that have large windows in the background with lots of sunlight. WDR would enable you to capture both the indoor and outdoor/background scene clearly.
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