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Partner with EverFocus for innovative solutions in order to meet the needs of our valuable customers around the world. With the rapid developments and changes of in the IP surveillance industry today, EverFocus believes the key element to successful growth is building loyal partners and strong business relations. Therefore, we are looking for new partners to establish loyal, mutually beneficial and long-term business relations. We participate actively in shaping and driving the industry by supporting and promoting companies that create complete solutions to meet the various needs of worldwide customers. With an up to date approach to open systems design and the development of strategic alliances and partnerships, EverFocus understands more about the value and benefit that comes with working together to deliver fully integrated video security solutions. As one of the earliest surveillance manufacturers in Taiwan, EverFocus devotes to bringing third-party solution sets in line with our products and technologies actively. And as increasing demands for IP-based solutions, working with a third party partner committed to open systems design has become one of our major priorities. EverFocus solution integration provides increasing opportunities for system integrators and resellers to directly increase their profits and grow their business.


As video surveillance industry steadily grows, EverFocus is always interested in inviting more distributors as well as new partners to join the rapid growth of surveillance solutions. EverFocus offers marketing, training and sales support to assist our distributors to provide the best service to their customers. We value our distributors very much. We would like to establish pleasant and long-term relation by providing our distributors with as much assistance as possible to help them run their distributorship with ease. Being one of our distributors, what you actually can do is having the chance to develop solutions with EverFocus and supply EverFocus branded hardware equipment and services, ensuring the most optimal video surveillance solution.  

System Integrator & Vertical Specialist

We cooperate with the best-in-class surveillance and security systems integrator. With more than 18 of surveillance and security systems integration experience, we certainly know how to deliver the solution that you need to meet the requirements. EverFocus is proud that our systems meet today’s advanced security challenges and problems that our distributors might encounter. With EverFocus, a professional systems integrator is capable of providing the best surveillance and security delivery and service. Vertical Specialists are key resellers who drive the industry world-wide, as well as offering vertical-specific solutions in a certain region. EverFocus cooperates with Vertical Specialists in order to provide end users with special needs to solve challenges within a specific vertical.

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